Fr Cheong after a high mass at which Reginald Halse,
bishop of the Riverina, presided, c. 1931-2

With Bishop Reginald Halse, c. 1931-2

Reginald Halse, then bishop of the Riverina, is seated in the centre in cope and mitre. A friend of Canon Hughes and his wife, he frequently visited St Peters and St Mary's Mission in Fitzroy. His habit of quoting from another sermon writer as though it were his own work annoyed the former Lady Steward. A keen cricket fan, he often visited Melbourne in summer, combining a visit to the cricket with the blessing of the fishing fleet at Queenscliff. He later became archbishop of Brisbane. Ge was one of several Australian bishops who were among Fr Cheong's penitents. Fr Maynard is seated on the left in a chasuble, Fr Cheong on the right.

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