Crossed Keys of St Peter

A Potted History

A Not So Respectable Church in a Very Respectable City

As the title of this potted history of St Peter's suggests, the story of this church could be described as a story of contradictions. One of the themes that can be detected running though its history is a kind of nonconformity, sometimes discreetly veiled and not obvious, at other times quite obvious and deliberate.

To the History...

Colin Holden June 2000

This is a revised form of the text for the exhibition catalogue, A Not so Respectable Church in a Very Respectable City, written to accompany the exhibition of the same name at The Old Treasury Building, Melbourne, October-November 1996, marking the 150th anniversary of the church.

The Unveiling of the Wayside Crucifix in 1924

Another document that is of some historical interest is a booklet that reports on the ceremony and services surrounding the unveiling and dedication of the Wayside Crucifix as a memorial to the men of the parish who gave their lives in the First World War. This booklet contains a number of contemporary photographs, and has been transcribed in its entirety here.

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