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Seminar 12:
An Introduction to
the Art and Practice
of the Icon

This day has been planned for those who know nothing, or very little about the art of iconography. They may like looking at them, but have no technical knowledge of how they are produced, and probably know nothing of the theology or philosophy that lies behind icons. ISS is happy to combine with the St Peter's Icon School to offer a day of listening to the theory and watching the practice of icon writing (as iconographers call what many think of as painting an icon).

The day will commence with a talk by the Right Rev'd John Bayton, founder of both ISS and St Peter's Icon School, painter, iconographer and Chaplain to the Icon School. Bishop John will speak on the Theology of the Icon. Then artist Ray Woods will give a short talk on the pigments used in icon painting.

A series of short talks by members on various aspects of the art, will allow people to gain an understanding of what they will later see happen.

Short talks will be given as follows:

        Frank Upfill – The board

        Anne Gumley – The prototype

        Amy Yu – Writing the icon

There will be a break for lunch, and hopefully, the opportunity to view an exhibition of photographs of icon pilgrimages, undertaken by members of the Icon School.

In the afternoon session, as a central part of the day, participants will be able to watch and learn, as members of the Icon School work on their current icons.

The concluding segment of the day will be a final talk by Bishop John, where he will explain the St Peter's project, thus allowing participants to gain a vision of what can be achieved, once they know a little of how it is done.

Date Saturday 14 August
Time 10.00 am - 3.30 pm
Venue starting in the church and moving to the hall at St Peter's
Cost $30 (concession: $25) NOTE: cost includes lunch
Conductor Right Rev'd John Bayton
and members of the St Peter's Icon School

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