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Seminar 8:
Is Scripture Enough?

The place of scripture in the life and thinking of the Church is the most hotly contested battleground for today's Christians.

This one day seminar, led by four leading theologians from the Trinity College Theological School in Melbourne, explores the claim of 'Scripture alone' (sola scriptura). In ethics, in systematic theology, even in Bible Sctudies, is Scripture able to stand alone without reason, tradition and the other sources of authority at the heart of classical Anglicanism? Come and find out.

The seminar will be led by the Rev'd Dorothy Lee, the Rev'd Dr Andrew McGowan, and Dr David O'Brien.

Date Saturday 26 June
Time 10.00 am – 3.30 pm
Venue St Peter's, Eastern Hill
Cost $32 (concession: $27) A light lunch is provided.
Conductors The Rev'd Dr Dorothy Lee
has degrees in Arts, Education and Divinity, and a doctorate from the University of Sydney. She is the Frank Woods Distinguished Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Trinity Theological School. Dorothy Lee lectures in New Testament, with a particular focus on the Gospels. She was born in Scotland and spent her childhood between the UK and Australia. For more than 20 years she was an ordained Minister of the Uniting Church, lecturing in New Testament. She became an Anglican in 2007, and is now an ordained priest. Her main research interest is the theology of the Fourth Gospel.

Associate Professor Andrew McGowan
has degrees in Arts and Divinity, and a doctorate from Notre Dame University in America. He is the Warden of Trinity College and a lecturer in theology. Andrew McGowan, who is an ordained priest, became Warden of Trinity College in January 2007, and he previously was the Director of the Theological School, where he contunes his involvement in his role as Joan F. W. Munro Lecturer.

Dr David O'Brien
is the Academic Registrar, Online Coordinator and McMullin Lecturer at Trinity College. He has degrees in Science and Theology, and a doctorate from Oxford University. His research interests include Judaism and Early Christianity in the Graeco-Roman Period, Clement of Alexandria, and the Shepherd of Hermas and early Christian philosophy.

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