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Vicar's Musings for the Fourth Sunday in Advent

18 December, 2016

On Friday we had an all-of-staff morning tea at the Vicarage. For those able to attend, it was a small vote of thanks to the staff and volunteer leaders in the parish for all their efforts over the year: Bp Graeme, Fr Graeme and Fr Philip; Rhys representing the Music Team; Peter on behalf of the Sanctuary Guild (as well as the Thursday Latin class these days!); Carol as Bookroom manager, representing her team of gracious volunteers; Sr Avrill and Di Clark as hospital visitors, among many other contributions to parish life; and Kosta who juggles the complexities of a busy parish office so well. After everyone left, I felt a deep joy at the loving commitment to the building up of God's kingdom that these good folk, and so many others have here at St Peter's. We are blessed.

Leunig's cartoon "Carol" and his accompanying lyric "The three wise birds" has been one of my meditations this week. Leunig's spirit birds often accompany his figures. There is perhaps something of the Trinity in these wise birds, as they travel with their human companions; and maybe a hint of Carl Jung's anima and animus connecting us with the collective unconscious if only we attend to their song and their presence. The moon, often a symbol of Mary, quietly looks down on the travellers. Maybe their Advent trek is also ours, as we make our way to Bethlehem, and as we "try and try again to sing some love back into men."

The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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