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Vicar's Musings for the Easter Day

16 April, 2017

"Pilate asked him, 'What is truth?'" (John 18:38)

I am often asked: is that true? do you really believe the Bible? how can you swallow that doctrine? did Christ literally rise from death? I usually respond with a story ... or two.

TRUTH walked into a village. The local inhabitants started swearing at her. Spewing insults, they chased her out of the village. So TRUTH walked along the road to the next town, but the reception was the same. They spat at her, and cursed her, and drove her out of town. TRUTH walked, lonely and sad, down the empty road, until she reached the next town. Perhaps there would be people here who were happy to see her, who would embrace TRUTH with open arms.

So she walked into the third town. This time she arrived in the middle of the night, and she waited quietly, hoping that the townsfolk would be happy to see TRUTH in the light of dawn. But as soon as the sun rose, and their eyes lit upon TRUTH, they ran to their homes and then came back throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at her.

TRUTH ran off, out of town, into the woods, and after crying, and cleaning off the rotting food, she returned to the edge of the woods, when she heard laughter and gaiety, singing and applause. She saw the townsfolk applauding as STORY entered the town. They brought out fresh meats and soups and pies and pastries and offered them all to STORY. Who smiled and lavished in their love and appreciation.

Come twilight, TRUTH was sulking and sobbing at the edge of the woods. The townsfolk disdainfully ignored her, but STORY came out to see what the story was. TRUTH told STORY how all the townsfolk had mistreated her, how sad and lonely she was, and how much she wanted to be accepted and appreciated. STORY replied, "Of course they all reject you," STORY looked at TRUTH, eyes a bit lowered to the side. "No-one wants to look at the naked truth."

So STORY gave TRUTH brilliant, beautiful clothing to wear. And they walked into the town together, TRUTH with STORY. And the townspeople greeted them with warmth and love and appreciation, for TRUTH wrapped in STORY’s clothing is a beautiful thing and much easier to behold.

The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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