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Vicar's Musings for Ordinary Sunday 11

14 June, 2015

The St Peter's Parish Mission is now just over a month away. This week we had the last meeting of the Parish Mission Committee that has been overseeing our planning for nearly two years. Now it is over to the four sub-committees to finalise arrangements: Liturgy, Business Dinner outreach, Children's Play and Coffee Cart social enterprise. Thank you to the many parishioners who have been, and are still, working so hard to ensure that the Mission week is a success. Thanks also to those who have contributed financially, or in kind. The air tickets are paid for, accommodation at Bishopscourt arranged, and thanks to kind offers of assistance we now have the means to film Bp Cottrell's talks, and also the loan of a good sound system all week for the Parish Hall.

A number of people have been asking me recently: "how can I help?" This last month of preparation is a crucial time, and the help of everyone in the parish will be gratefully received. Here are some ways you can be actively engaged in the lead up to our opening Parish High Mass on Sunday 19th July, 10.30am:

* Pray. Of all activities, although largely unseen, this is the most important. It is something every parishioner can do. I have seen some amazing coincidences (or God-incidences) happen recently, and have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit at work. The updated prayer-card will be distributed at Mass today. Please pray for the Mission daily.

* Volunteer. There are lots of tasks that the organising committees need help with. The contact people are: Judith Chapman (hospitality), Carol O'Conner (morning tea), Di Clark (welcoming), Katherine Barnett (children's play), Fr Richard (business dinner), Peter Bryce (liturgy), Sue Wuttke (music), Fr Philip (coffee cart launch), Bp Graeme (Mission follow-up).

* Attend. A parishioner recently said to me: "Fr Hugh, I have booked out the whole week in my diary, so I can really enter into the spirit of the Mission." It is going to be a bit like Holy Week and Easter. We will get the most out of the Mission as a parish if we all decide to journey through it together. Please come to as much as you can, especially the three Mission Services on Thursday and Friday at 6.15pm and Saturday at 4pm. If you can't attend every service, then just come to as many as you can.

On the back of the prayer-card there is a full timetable of the Mission week. Each Sunday we will be giving these cards out at Mass, so put the details in your diary, and then pray about who you might give your card to. They make a good book mark! It would be fantastic if every parishioner is able to bring a guest to at least one of the Sunday or weekday Mission Services.

The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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