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Vicar's Musings for Ordinary Sunday 14

8 July, 2018

We had a blessed Patronal Festival at The Hill last weekend. On St Peter's Day (Friday this year) more than seventy gathered for High Mass, with the choir treating us to both Duruflé's Tu es Petrus and Palestrina's Missa: Tu es Petrus, and Fr David Peake OAM delivered a thought provoking sermon on the spirit with which we approach the Mass.

On Sunday, still in the Octave of St Peter's Day, Bishop Alison Taylor joined us as Presiding Bishop and Preacher, and our young server and sides-person, Maxwell Abbott, was confirmed. Almost every pew was filled as some 200 parishioners gathered to give thank to God for our Patron Saint. We then adjourned to the Parish Hall for lunch and a little Patronal conviviality!

My thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a successful and enjoyable Patronal Festival weekend: Musical Director, Andrew Raiskums; Music Administrator, Sue Wuttke; Organist, Rhys Arvidson; and all the choir; Head Server, Peter Bryce; Sacristan, Adam Blackmore; and all the serving team; the Clergy, Readers, Intercessors and Sidespeople; Chair and Secretary of the Hospitality Committee, Sue Wuttke and Daniel Ferguson; Hospitality Coordinator, Rhonda Mach; Procurement and Table Plan, Helen Drummond; Verger, David Morrell; Administrator, Kosta Soteriou; as well as the army of other helpers; and most importantly of all, we the congregation of the faithful who gathered to worship the living God in Spirit and in truth!

Our "liturgy" is at the very heart of what it is to be an Anglo-Catholic church community. Any dictionary informs us of the parsed components of this word and its Greek etymology: from laos "people"; compare leiton "public hall" and leite "priestess"; see lay (adj.); + -ergos "that works", from ergon "work"; or in a nutshell: "work of the people/laity". Any visit to St Peter's, especially on a red letter feast day, will demonstrate the lived reality of the word. Deo gratias!

The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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