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Vicar's Musings for Ordinary Sunday 20

20 August, 2017

Today we say farewell to Fr Graeme Brennan, who has served as Priest Assistant at St Peter's Eastern Hill for the past three years. Fr Graeme has had a long history with the parish, working first with Fr John Bayton in the late 1980s, then as Locum here when Fr John was made Bishop, and after that he stayed on as Priest Assistant with the new Incumbent Fr David Farrer. A faithful, humble, pastoral and much loved priest, we are going to miss Fr Graeme enormously, but wish him and Jane every blessing in all that lies ahead for them on the next stage of the journey. Thank you Fr Graeme for your friendship, your loyalty, your sermons (and legendary impersonations!) and for your compassion and care over these past three years. And thanks to you and Jane for putting on a party after the 11am High Mass today ... a generous and gracious gesture!


The minutes from Parish Council (PC) are made publically available, through the Parish Office or the Welcome Table after Mass, once they have been passed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. In the meantime, here is a summary of some of the issues discussed and decided on at this month's PC meeting:

  • Child Safety — a working group has been set up to put together Child Safety protocols for the Parish, based on Diocesan recommendations.
  • Wayside Cross of Sacrifice: Plaza Development — conditional approval has been granted by Heritage Victoria, and we are now seeking planning permission from Melbourne City Council, to build a Plaza on the corner of Albert and Gisborne Streets and restore the Wayside Cross First World War memorial.
  • Staffing — Fr Hugh and the Wardens are currently shortlisting applicants for the Priest Assistant position. Due a recent promotion in his day-job our Sacristan, Adam Blackmore, has been granted two months leave-without-pay. Parishioner, Eugene Chin, has kindly agreed to be Acting Sacristan until the end of October.
  • Marriage Equality — after a fruitful discussion the PC unanimously passed a resolution that included the clause: "recognizing that the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is simply about civil marriages, PC expresses its support for a YES vote on marriage equality". PC is aware that not everyone in the parish will want to vote "yes" and respects contrary opinions, but given that we are a parish that has been actively welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQ people for many years, the PC wants to take the lead and make this statement of support.

    The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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