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Vicar's Musings for Trinity Sunday

11 June, 2017

The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the great unifying mysteries of the Christian faith. It has also been the greatest source of controversy and division over the centuries. While enjoying six weeks of combined annual and study leave in New Zealand, I came across a superb series of "tweets" from the Australian theologian, Dr Ben Myers entitled "Tweeting the Doctrine of the Trinity". It is subtitled "... because heresy is meh"! Dr Myers is a lecturer at United Theological College, within the School of Theology of Charles Sturt University, and has become a regular speaker at the St Peter's Institute of Spiritual Studies over recent years.

The first tweet reads: "How to combat Trinitarian heresies? Start by abolishing Trinity Sunday, that fateful day on which preachers think they have to explain it". I'm not sure how successful Ben will be on that one, but it raises a good point: reflecting on the doctrine of the Trinity should be much more than a once a year occurrence. The Book of Common Prayer marks "Sundays after Trinity", rather than "Ordinary Sundays", a liturgical period stretching across most of the winter months in Australia. I do miss this annual invitation to reflect at length on one of the great tenets of the faith.

I would encourage you to look up Dr Myers' humorous and informative reflections; and to contemplate the doctrine in the way it was formed, and in the way it is meant to be read — prayerfully. You can find "Tweeting the doctrine of the Trinity" on www.faith-theology.com or by connecting with him on Twitter.

The Rev'd Dr Hugh Kempster

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