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Seminar Series:
Introduction to the year 2000 program

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Welcome to the year 2000 program of the Institute for Spiritual Studies. We are delighted to encourage long standing supporters to join with us again, and we welcome those who are considering participation for the first time.

Our purpose is to offer a wide range of seminars at varying times. We seek to explore themes relating to the spiritual life in all its complexity. So we have sessions that challenge, inform, sustain, encourage. We have sessions that will feed heart, soul and mind. We will present some that will address issues that arouse differing responses, but which are of importance.

All this is prepared and presented by the team based at St. Peter's, Eastern Hill, so ably led and chaired by Jan Gordon-Clark. The success of the 1999 program is a tribute to their hard work and their commitment to this vision.

We will continue to seek to address these central concerns that lie at the intersection between spirituality and the actual living out of our lives. Any process which seriously encourages and stimulates~ this integration is surely positive.

So you are welcome. Pass!this information on to others who may care to join in. We look forward to receiving bour registration-and seeing you at seminars.


Fr John Davis
Vicar of St. Peter's Church, Eastern Hill
Director of the Institute for Spiritual Studies



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