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Seminar 2:
Lenten Quiet Day:

Spend some time in stillness listening to God and alongside writings from the early Celtic Christian tradition 'Put your ear to the ground and listen.' (Psalm 72:3)

To live in God means never to become too comfortable in this world. The visual image of the cross itself teaches us that as we are called to stretch upward, so too are we asked to deepen our lives down into the earth and stretch out our arms into the world.

Early Celtic Christians were a people familiar with intersections of all sorts in our world. The still point centre of the Celtic Cross is encircled by the ancient symbol of the sun or cosmos, which translates into the unending and interweaving mystery of the Christian Trinity. To sit at the foot of this cross is to hear a storehouse of wisdom for us to ponder upon today.

During the day Carol O'Connor will give three addresses drawing on poetry from this tradition and the lives of saints such as St Bridget, St Brendan and St Columba. Inspired by the music of this tradition, acclaimed musician Cath Connelly will play the harp to help us listen to the presence of God in our own bodies and lives today.

Bp Graeme Rutherford will celebrate the Eucharist after lunch. During the day there will be quiet periods of personal reflection.

Attendees are asked to please bring their own lunch.

Date Saturday 25 March, 2017
Time 10.30 am – 3.30 pm
Venue St James's Church, 1 Albert Street, Point Lonsdale
(Melway Ref: 499 J5)
Cost $15 (concession: $12)
Conductors Cath Connelly.
Cath Connelly Cath has been playing the Celtic harp professionally since 1998. She is now considered one of Australia's leading Celtic harpers. Cath returned to Ireland to perform in 2006, 2009, and 2014. She also completed a solo tour of the East Coast of USA in 2012. Her performances invite audiences to engage in quiet reflection and a deeper sense of being.

Carol O'Connor Carol O'Connor.
Carol is the manager of the St Peter's Bookroom. She has long had an interest in Celtic poetry and spirituality.

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