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Festal High Mass for Epiphany 2006

Entrance procession starts Entrance procession Sacred ministers and bishops in procession Station at the crib in the Lady Chapel
Crib with the wise men Bishop Huggins censes the crib The organist keeps an eye on the procession Banners in procession
The Deacon carries the Gospel Book in procession Censing the High Altar The Celebrant sings the opening collect Bishop Huggins gives the absolution
Sanctuary party stands for the singing of the Gloria Organist and choir in the gallery Reading of the Old Testament Lesson Cantor singing the psalm

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High Mass for the Feast of the Epiphany

This section of the St Peter's galleries shows a series of photographs taken on the 6th of January 2006 during Festal High Mass for the Epiphany. Thumbnails are given over two pages, and clicking on any thumbnail will give an enlargement of that picture. Alternatively, one can click on the first picture of the index and follow the slideshow via the links on each slide.

This High Mass was celebrated in the presence of two bishops: Bishop Phillip Huggins, the Regional Bishop for St Peter's who presided at the mass, and Bishop John Bayton. Bishop Bayton is a former Vicar of St Peter's — during his incumbency, he founded the Icon School.

St Peter's Icon School undertook the production of a series of icons that could be displayed in the church. This project, conducted under the guidance of Bishop Bayton, was completed in 2005. The Icon panels were installed in the church, and one of the special celebrations during the High Mass for Epiphany in 2006 was the reception and blessing of these twelve icons. The icons can be seen in detail in the separate gallery pages devoted to them. [Click here to go to this page...]

The blessing of the new icons took place in the context of a standard Festal High Mass. The 28 pictures in the slideshow take the viewer through some aspects of the liturgy, from the entrance procesion, station at the crib with the wise men, through the normal stages of mass, including the blessing of the icons, to the final procession out of the church at the end.

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