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St Peter's picture gallery is a collection of photographs of contemporary scenes around the church, of people, places and liturgy, and of some of the artistic treasures to which we are proud to give a home. There is a gallery of prints and photographs of historical interest, showing the development of the church building since its foundation in 1846. There is a gallery relevant to the position of St Peter's in the Chinese community of Melbourne as seen through the life-long ministry of Father James Cheong. A recent addition is a gallery which leads the viewer through a typical Festal High Mass at St Peter's, and includes the blessing of the iconostasis in the church — which forms the basis of a separate gallery. There are galleries dedicated to the two Napier Waller Memorial Windows in the transepts of the church, and a gallery of Stations of the Cross, giving access to these devotional pictures which are placed round the church. Finally, there is a gallery devoted to photographs and descriptions of some of the rich treasury of vestments and other ornamental treasures maintained in the church. Be our guest; stroll around our galleries and share in our rich heritage.

Church Scenes
Our first selection of fifteen photographs around the church; the high altar, statues, processions and the church tower.
Church People
Our second selection shows the choir, the congregation, the Vicar and more scenes around the church.
Festal High Mass
This selection of 28 photographs comprises a slideshow taking the viewer through the Procession and High Mass for Epiphany, 2006.
New Guinea Memorial Window
The Memorial Window in the north transept was installed as part of the centenary celebrations of St Peter's in 1946 to commemorate the New Guinea Mission and the Martyrs of 1942. This gallery explains the history and interpretation of Napier Waller's historical work of art.
War Memorial Window
The Memorial Window in the south transept was installed in 1949 as a memorial to all those who served, and to those who died in service in the Second World War, 1939-1945. This gallery explains the history and interpretation of Napier Waller's historical work of art.
Icon Panels
A set of twelve icons has been installed on an iconostasis between the nave and the transept of the church. The significance of these icons is explained in the text accompanying each icon.
Stations of the Cross
A set of twelve images depicting the Stations of the Cross line the sides of the nave of the church. These images or icons are used devotionally in Lent and are reproduced here so that individuals can also use this resource for private devotion.
Vestments & Furnishings
St Peter's is very fortunate to have a collection of very fine vestments and altar frontals. This set of nine photographs, with accompanying explanatory texts, gives some insight into this rich heritage.
Historical Views
This sequence of eleven pictures traces the history of the building in contemporary prints and photographs.
Father James Cheong
Contemporary photographs of Fr Cheong from his student days, and during his ministry at St Peter's from 1906 to 1941.

Located at St Peter's Eastern Hill, Melbourne, Australia
Archivist: The Rev'd Dr Colin Holden,
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