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Seminar Series:
Introduction to the year 2001 program


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Welcome to all our participants, both new and old friends of the Institute for Spiritual Studies.

Each year we offer a varied fare, including both full day and evening sessions. The subject range is broad. The overall goal is clear: we seek to encourage and stimulate the awareness of, and engagement with, the challenges of the spiritual life, in all its richness.

At a time when the institutions of formal religion are being strongly challenged, the basic search for meaning and enlightenment continues to grow. We need spiritual feeding even more in such a context. Our program offers the insights and approaches of a range of people who are examining and, indeed, living out these concerns and needs.

St Peter's, Eastern Hill is again very pleased to be the home base for this fine series of seminars, now in its 21st year.

I take this opportunity to thank Jan Gordon-Clark for her enthusiasm and commitment to this project, and also our committee, office bearers and the support team, who each time do such a wonderful job. Well done.

So look at what is on offer in the year to come. We look forward to seeing you during the year.

Go well.


John Davis
Vicar of St Peter's, Eastern Hill
Director of the Institute for Spiritual Studies



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