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Seminar 12:
God's in His temple: All's right with the world


One of the great struggles for Israel was with her attempts to understand just what it meant to be God's Chosen People. Time and time again they were measuring the wrong things, and then when things began to go wrong they fell into despair: "How can God treat us this way?"; "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"; are the kinds of summaries of their response to disaster. It was here we find the great struggle for the prophets as they tried to help the nation come to understand the true nature of their Covenant with God.

Instead of measuring it in terms of the Temple and the Kingship, they should have been measuring it in terms of the lasting gifts that God can give. They tried to show the people that God can destroy the Temple, have Jerusalem torn apart by enemy nations and have a foreign king ruling over the land, and yet still be the people of God. Sometimes God is not in His Temple and things are still alright. Indeed, sometimes He even wants the Temple pulled down and things are still alright.

DateWednesday 17 October
Time7.30 - 9.30 pm
VenueSt Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$15 (includes light refreshment)

Conductor: The Right Revd Michael Hough,
until December 2000, Bishop of Papua New Guinea



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