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Seminar 3:
Early Christian mosaic art: A nearly forgotten treasure store


The "Paleo-Christian" art ("paleo" means stone) of the early centuries will be displayed and described. This art form comes prior to the medieval and Renaissance art of Western Europe and to the icons and frescoes of Eastern Europe. It arises from the earliest forms of Christian art (of catacomb and tomb) and has become a nearly forgotten treasure store for us today. A freshness and robustness is found here to rekindle aspects of Christian life and faith. The use of coloured stone in depiction is evocative in a unique way. The mosaics of Ravenna and Rome will be our main focus.

DateWednesday 16 May
VenueSt Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$15 (includes light refreshment)

Conductor: The Revd Ron Browning,
Vicar of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Williamstown



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