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Seminar Series:
Introduction to the year 2002 program


Welcome to our Institute for Spiritual Studies program of seminars for 2002.

Another stimulating and varied set of offerings is placed before you. Each in its own way addresses the objectives of growth in spiritual life that we all seek.

Some of our speakers may be new to you. Others, like Archbishop Rowan Williams of Wales, who is world-renowned, have been with us before. There is certain to be something of interest here for you. As well, please spread the word to friends and associates, or just encourage them to join us. All are welcome.

My own grateful thanks go to our hard-working committee and particularly to Jan Gordon-Clark, our Chairman. She continues to do a most remarkable job. We appreciate too the very helpful and encouraging response from so many of you to our mid-year survey. The results will be put to good use.

So, thank you for your interest and your continuing participation in 2002.

John Davis
Vicar of St Peter's, Eastern Hill
Director of the Institute for Spiritual Studies

Program for 2002

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1. Canon John Stewart. "Be Still and Know that I am God"
Saturday 2 March, 9.30 am–3.30 pm

2. Bishop John Bayton. An Iconography of Spirituality
Wednesday 20 March, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

3. Dr Rufus Black. Liturgy, Ethics and Human Wholeness
Saturday 20 April, 10.00 am–12.30 pm

4. Professor Robert Gribben. The Attraction of Orthodoxy
Wednesday 8 May, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

5. Tarrawarra Abbey. Ecumenical Vespers for the Vigil of Pentecost
Saturday 18 May, 3.00 pm–6.00 pm

6. Archbishop Rowan Williams. Anglican Origins: Prayer and Holiness
Saturday 25 May, 10.00 am–3.30 pm

7. Dr Constant Mews. Heloise and Bernard of Clairvaux:
    Two Faces of Love from the Twelfth Century
Wednesday 5 June, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

8. Fr Nic Frances. An Evening with Father Nic Frances
Wednesday 10 July, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

9. Carmelite Monastery. Vespers for the Feast of St Elias
Friday 19 July, 5.45 pm

10. Rabbi John Levi, Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam, Bishop John Bayton.
      Jerusalem: the Holy City
Wednesday 24 July, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

11. Professor Joan Barclay-Lloyd. St Peter's Icon School Comes of Age
Friday 2 August, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

12. The Revd Jim Barr and Dr Simon Holt. The Cathedral Café:
      Finding Life Over a Caffe Latte and Other Postmodern Quests
Wednesday 7 August, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

13. Ms Lyn McCredden. James McAuley and the Excesses of Faith
Wednesday 21 August, 7.30 pm–9.30 pm

14. Revd Dr Colin Holden. Tour of Peninsula Churches
Saturday 12 October, 9.30 am–3.30 pm

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