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St Peter's is the base for several other ministries, in the parish and beyond. These include:

      Breakfast Program
      Lazarus Centre Chaplaincy Project
      Pastoral Care

Lazarus Centre Chaplaincy Project

The Lazarus Centre runs out of St Peter's and also the Cathedral on Flinders Street. St Peter's involvement is through the Breakfast Program which provides breakfast to 60-80 homeless people every morning of the year. Click here or on the link above for further information about this specific program.

To complement this service which has been running for several years, a new initiative was undertaken in October 2012. This was for the St Peter's Foundation to fund a part-time chaplaincy to the homeless, operating in conjunction with the breakfast program for two days a week, usually on Fridays and Sundays. The chaplain, Fr Phillip Gill, recently reported on the first six months of this chaplaincy, and his report can be downloaded here (pdf of 190 Kb). Fr Philip's appointment was extended for a further twelve months from April 2013. A short video about the breakfast program and chaplaincy project can be viewed here.

The St Peter's Foundation has also funded a study into future directions for the Lazarus Center. The report, "A Future Direction for the Lazarus Center" was launched at the luncheon after High Mass to celebrate St Peter's Day on Sunday the 30th of June, 2013. A pdf of this report can be downloaded here (1.2 Mb)...

Pastoral Care

St Peter's is known for the beauty of its Liturgy and music, but it also has a long tradition as a caring church community.

With a strong belief in inclusiveness, where each person is important and valued, the current Ministry team places an emphasis on the pastoral care and support of a parishioners. The sick are provided with sacramental ministry in hospital or at home and, whenever possible, those who, because of age or infirmity are no longer able to come to church, are visited and encouraged to still feel part of the parish community that, in many cases, has sustained them through much of their active life, and to which they may have contributed in many practical ways.

If someone is uncharacteristically absent from Sunday worship for a week or so, a phone call is always appreciated.

Parishioners, too, support and care for each other in many ways. The sick are prayed for daily, and all parishioners who have died since the church opened its doors in 1847 are remembered and prayed for on the anniversary of their death, and so pastoral care is provided through all stages of life and beyond.

Sr Avrill, CHN,
Pastoral Assistant

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