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This section of the ISS web pages is devoted to the provision of reviews, reports and/or summaries of seminars and other activities from the Institute's program. Depending on availability — and the wishes of the speaker — we can sometimes offer the full text of addresses.

The reports are organized by year. Clicking on the year in the side menu will direct the reader to a list of titles and presenters for those seminars from that year for which reports are available. These secondary menus then lead to the actual reports.

In the usual way of web publishing, the copyright of all material on these web pages remains with the original authors, and with the Institute for Spiritual Studies (for commissioned summaries and reviews). Limited quotation from this published material is permitted under "fair usage" conditions, but please contact the original author, or the ISS at iss [at], if you wish to make any other use of this material.

Reports from Seminars in 2015

The Metaphor of Ground: Rev Dr Sarah Bachelard
Sourced in the Ground: The Contemplative Vocation:
Rev Dr Sarah Bachelard

Reports from Seminars in 2014

Rescuing Dante from His Celebrators: William Johnston and Philip Harvey

Reports from Seminars in 2013

The Eye of God: Nicholas of Cusa and the IPCC Report: Rev Dr Graeme Garrett
Discovering the Risen Life of Christ Amid the Contradictions: Rev Dr Ross Fishburn
Journeying on a Slippery Slope: Rev Dr Keith Mascord
How the unthinkable might become thinkable: Supplementary paper by Rev Dr Keith Mascord
Beloved Father, Beloved Son: Book Launch by Dr Graeme Garrett

Reports from Seminars in 2012

Three talks from the seminar in August on "The Environmental Crisis"

Two talks from the seminar in July on "The Future of Anglican Liturgy"

Reports from Seminars in 2011

Spirituality of the Child: Faye Berryman-O'Carroll
Of scripture, kings and peace-making: Dr Charles Sherlock
Early Christian Communities: Dr Andrew McGowan, Dr Felicity
          Harley-McGowan, and Dr David O'Brien
Auden's Rediscovery of Christianity: Philip Harvey

Reports from Seminars in 2010

Paul and Mysticism: Dr Paula Gooder

Three talks from the Saturday seminar "Is Scripture Enough?"

The American Way of Religion: Dr William Johnston

Reports from Seminars in 2009

Christians in Burma: Professor Ross Langmead
Can God be Proven?: Dr Frank Mobbs

Reports from Seminars in 2008

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Michael Leighton Jones
Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth: Judith Richards
Two Anglican Church Parishes: All Saints' and St Peter's: Colin Holden
Melbourne Anglicans: Diversity or Division?: Peter Sherlock

Reports from Seminars in 2007

Anglo-Catholicism in Australia:: David Hilliard
Redemption: Gerald O'Collins
Thomas More: Craig D'Alton

Reports from Seminars in 2006

Monica Furlong, 1930-2003: Linda Walter
The Anglican Communion: Jane Shaw
Transfiguration: Dorothy Lee
On Reading the Bible: Carlos Mesters
Thomas Cranmer: Craig D'Alton, Robert Gribben and Austin Cooper
Anglicans and Orthodox in Dialogue: Duncan Reid

Reports from Seminars in 2005

Everyday blessings: Christopher Willcock
Spirituality in the public domain: Peter Hollingworth
James Moorhouse: Morna Sturrock
Walking the labyrinth: Libby Delbridge

Reports from Seminars in 2004

The Meal of Jesus:: Andrew McGowan
The Faithful at Prayer: Abdul Khaliq Kazi
Australian Spirituality: Rufus Black

Reports from Seminars in 2003

The Spirituality of Matthew: Brendan Byrne
Growing into New Understanding: Peter O'Connor
Lectio Divina: Dom Michael King
Elizabeth I and the Settlement of Religion:
      Barry Collett, Judith Richards and Paul Nicholls
Wesley and the Book of Common Prayer: Karen Westerfield-Tucker

Reports from Seminars in 2002

Anglican Origins, Part One: Rowan Williams
Anglican Origins, Part Two: Rowan Williams
Heloise and Bernard of Clairvaux: Constant Mews

Reports from Seminars in 2001

Unconditional Love: Anthony Campbell
Mosaic art, an early treasure store: Ron Browning

Reports from Seminars in 2000

Reconciliation: Archbishop Peter Watson

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